Action Card Editor

    4PLAY 6.0 includes an application that will allow you to edit and create your own action cards for use in the game.  The editor is located in the 4PLAY 6.0 directory.   

    Warning:  The action card editor is fairly complex and may not be suitable for the casual player. Also remember that there is a backup copy of the Default Action Card Database installed in Data\Backup should you need to start over after editing cards. You may also want to periodically back up the databases if you create your own cards. The databases are in MS Access 2000 format so if you wish to use Access to edit sort or delete cards you may do so.


To launch the Action Card Editor either launch it from the START menu or launch it from the Game Setup by clicking on the Edit Action Cards button



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Grab Bag

Play Pen



For help on the editor tools click here.



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