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General Questions  

How do I tell where my copy of 4PLAY is installed?

Open the about window, the installation path is displayed there. It is also shown in the Registration pane.

How do I close the game

Click on the  X button in the upper right hand corner of the game board.

File/Path Access Error when starting the game under windows.

If you are running Vista or Windows 7 you may need to start 4PLAY with administrator privileges the first time the game is run. For detailed information click here.

Can I run the game on a mini-laptop which does not support 1024x768?

Not at present but this is a new feature that will be added soon.



I get a NO DIRECTOR DATABASE FILE ERROR when I start the game?

Your XXX Director's database file is missing or corrupted. Click here for a solution.

I received a Large Screen DPI warning when the game starts?

You can try running the game but some labels may not display properly. You may need to change your DPI settings. Open your Control Panel and choose PERSONALIZATION then ADJUST FONT SIZE (DPI).

I am getting a RUNTIME ERROR?

This is an error external to the game, either in an OCX or DLL used by the game or in a driver. Most of the time this is the result of a corrupted install (files can be corrupted during download). Try uninstalling the game and download a fresh install. If the game had been working then suddenly stops it is possible another piece of software has installed a version of a file needed by the game that is incompatible with 4PLAY. Remove the game and reinstall it. If you have questions about what the error window will look like click here.

I get an Error 75, File Path Access Error?

Anytime you get this error try running the game as administrator, this should clear the error.

I get the following error "Component 'wmp.dll' or one of its dependencies not correctly"

This caused by the Windows Media Player DLL not being properly registered. You can manually register this file by clicking on RUN then enter

regsvr32 "C:\Windows\System32\wmp.dll  (You will have to change the path to the actual location of the DLL on your system, you may need to search for it)


XXX Director

The director does not seem to work, where are the pictures?

The director is used to add actions to the game using pictures or videos. 4PLAY does not include any images or videos, you must provide these yourself.

Why does the Director handle player compatibility differently than the action cards ?

The director allows you to add 'group' (more than two players) which are handled differently than the action cards so that you can add a wider range of player interactions without the full complexity of the card editor.


Game Play

There seems to be a noticeable pause after an action or notification and when the Roll Dice button becomes enabled?

This is because the game is being saved, it may be noticeable on older systems with slower hard-drives, if it is objectionable you can turn the Autosave Game option off. But remember that your game is no longer being saved with each roll, you may want to periodically save the game so that you can restart should the game hang-up.

The game board is partly hidden by the Windows 7 toolbar.

You can move the game board by clicking on it, holding the left button down and dragging it to the desired position.

There is a very long delay between rolls of the dice even if no actions occur.

On systems with slow disk access or certain anti-virus software installed the AUTOSAVE option can produce an appreciable delay. You can turn this option off by clicking the disk icon to the left of the player's names.

What do I do if a card is used during game play that I do not want to ever be used again?

On any action window you can edit or de-activate the current card by clicking on the Edit Action Card button.


Registration Questions  

Where do I find my unlock and validate codes (needed when you order) ?

Ther are located on the Registration Pane of the Setup Module, click here for help finding them.

Most email clients will allow you to save an attachment, you can then save the LIC file attached to your registration email into the

I do not know how to move the LIC file I received via email into the 4PLAY directory?

Most email clients will allow you to save an attachment, you can then save the LIC file attached to your registration email into the 4PLAY 6.0 directory. Most often in Program Files/4PLAY60

If you cannot figure out the LIC file you can unlock your game and create a new LIC file by using your serial ID, click here for help.

I am a registered user of 4PLAY 5.0 how do I upgrade?

Goto www.i4PLAY.COM . If you purchase 4PLAY 5.0 on or after June 01 2009 you are eligible for a free upgrade, just download the shareware version of 4PLAY 6.0 and unlock it with your serial ID. If you purchased 5.0 before the cutoff date you pay still purchase a low cost upgrade.

I need to move my game to a new computer?

You will need to install the game on the new system then unlock it using your Customer Serial ID. This number is displayed under the Registration tab in the game setup.

The game reports that my registration information is not correct?

There are many reasons for registration to fail. Click here for information.

I have lost my serial ID?

Send an email to Support@i4PLAY.COM  with  SERIAL ID in the subject line.

I get an Error 75, File Path Access Error when I try to unlock the game?

Anytime you get this error try running the game as administrator, this should clear the error. This should only need to be done once or when you are unlocking the game.

4PLAY is reporting that it cannot find an internet connection when I try to register or check for upgrades even though I can access the internet from other applications?

This is most likely the result of anti-virus or Internet security software. Kaspersky is a known offender but any firewall software could cause this issue. The solution is to turn the software off while you register or upgrade. 4PLAY has been tested with the XP, Vista and Windows 7 firewalls, but this does not mean that there might not be issues on some systems.

Why does ordering via PayPal cost more?

This is because PayPal requires the shipment of a physical product for merchandise classified as 'adult'. You will receive a CD with the game installation on it in 4-6 weeks. This requires you to enter a valid shipping address. This is not our policy and we would rather you use our secure server but if you really wish to use PayPal it is avaliable.


Action Card Questions  

How do I edit the Action Cards?

You edit the Action Cards using the Action Card Editor. You can launch the editor from the Game Setup by clicking on the Action Card tab at top then click the Edit Action Cards button. You may also start it from the Windows start menu, START-PTOGRAMS-4PLAY60-ACTION CARD EDITOR.

My Action Card Database(s) are corrupt?

You will need to repair the databases. To do this click on the Repair Card Databases button located on the Action Card tab. You may also manually copy the database backups from the 4PLAY60\DATA\BACKUPS directory.

Why is there no Database for the Interactions?

The Interactions and Play Pen actions are drawn from the same database since they are identical in nature.



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