Privacy Statement

In Plain English

RWB Productions does not share, sell trade or post ANY information about our customers. We do not send Spam, period. We do email customers when new major releases (i.e. fro, 5.0 to 6.0) are available, this happens every few years.

When you order from us you connect to a secure server, the order is then transferred via a secure connection to our in house system. Your credit card information is deleted immediately after processing your order.

At NO time is our complete customer database exposed to the internet. The only information exchanged with the game is your name, email address and serial ID when/if you unlock the game. This information is only available to the game itself.

When the game 'checks for updates' NO information is sent to our server. The game downloads a single file that contains information about the current build of the game available for download.

It's that simple.


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