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If you are a registered user of 4PLAY 6.0 you can download the shareware version and install it over your earlier version (6.0.xx). Your registration information will be preserved.


If you are installing on a 64 bit system you might want to change the install directory to ...PROGRAM FILES/4PLAY60 instead of the default x86 location (example C:/PROGRAM FILES/4PLAY60. This may save you some trouble down the road.


"Thanks for the update...this is a wonderful game. My wife and I have enjoyed it since it first came out in the 90s...."

Gary - Wisconsin



Download the shareware version of 4PLAY 6.0 (6.0.18)


NOTE FOR VISTA AND WINDOWS 7 USERS: If you receive a Path/File access error when you start 4PLAY 6.0 you will need to use the RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR option the first time you run the game, click here for help.



Installation Help

Download the latest program files here (provisional release 6.0.19).

Worried about download this program, check us out using McAfee's Site Scan. Or check us out, the i4PLAY domain has been registered since 2002 the RWB Productions domain since 1994. Check us out on the internet time machine.


Add 4PLAY to your New Year's Eve party!



"This is a great game. I have tried several others out there and they are like a lot of adult products just slapped together and called 'erotic.'... your game obviously involved thought..."

Nicholas - UK


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