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06-23-2011 If you are not seeing any text in the setup or game modules you may need to DL and copy the Verdana font set into your WINDOWS/FONTS directory. Click here for help and to DL the file.

03-9-2011   Added a provisional release, 6.0.19.

03-09-2011   There is an issue with the installation software not properly upgrading 6.0.16 or earlier. The fix is simple. If you upgrade and get a "Cannot Find XXX Director's LIST MDB file" error just re-run the 6.0.19 install EXE and select REPAIR. This should force a complete install.

03-05-2011   Added  Action Cards.

02-28-2011   Added Action Cards. Added help links to the new Tools in the Action Card Editor.

02-23-2011   Fixed a problem with the File option being disabled in the Action Card Editor. There is no provisional release for now.

02-21-2011   Fixed a problem with the online support links in the game.

02-20-2011   Switched the provisional release with the shareware release (6.0.17), the provisional release is now 6.0.18.

02-16-2011   Updated help files to include new features added the Action Card Editor. Added Action Cards.

02-10-2011   Adjusted the upgrade script to prevent the XXX-Director's list MDB file from being overwritten during an upgrade.

02-7-2011   Switched the provisional release with the shareware release (6.0.16), the provisional release is now 6.0.17.

02-7-2011   Fixed a problem with setting the value of the 'timer' to a non-zero value (alphabetic) causing an error. Added new Action Cards. Fixed several cards that did not have their level/orientation set properly.

02-6-2011   Started adding error trapping to the Action Card Editor.

02-5-2011   Added new Action Cards.

01-31-2011   Added checking for a selected 'use in level' in the card editor.

01-30-2011   Fixed a problem with changing an Action Card's Kinky level during game play.

01-28-2011   Switched the provisional release with the shareware release (6.0.15), the provisional release is now 6.0.16.

01-26-2011   Worked more on the Card Editor tools. The import function does not yet work but the export is ready for testing. 6.0.14 seems to have addressed some of the Director Errors.

01-23-2011   Wrapped up the Activate / Deactivate function in the Card Editor.

01-21-2011   Still implementing some small fixes and additions, will release 6.0.15 this afternoon and go after the director errors after that over the weekend.

01-19-2011   The problem with the No Current Record error during game play when the XXX Director launches is still around. I am coming up with a plan to find it this weekend. If you have reported this error you will get an email, if you have not reported it please do so.

01-18-102011   May have fixed the No Current Record problem with the director, if not there is at least better trapping in place.

01-16-2011   Tested the export function for the Play Pen in the card editor.

01-16-2011   Fixed problem with clicking OK on the file load dialog with no file actually selected.

01-16-2011   Corrected some of the HTM references in the game.

01-15-2011   Uploaded 6.0.14. (6.0.15 provisional release)

01-15-2011   Updated the 4PLAY website to 6.0

01-15-2011   Added more precise error trapping to the game module to trap XXX Director errors.

01-13-2011   Worked on the Play Pen export function. Added more action cards.

01-12-2011   Added more error trapping to the Game Module. Added Help links to the Help Pane in the Game Module.

01-10-2011   Uploaded 6.0.13.

01-10-2011   Added Export Action card option, it works for the Grab Bag as of now.

01-09-2011   Forced a refresh of the XXX Director's List in Populate Director's List routine, this may clear the Object Without Block Variable error s few people were having.

01-08-2011   Added more action cards to go after clothing.

01-08-2011   Fixed a problem that caused the director's list to have its player used bits to be reset when resuming a game.

01-08-2011   Fixed a problem that would cause some XXX Director's file to not be used. Also fixed a problem that would cause an Invalid Control Index error in the game when clicking OK on the director window.

01-07-2011   Fixed problem with timer running slightly past zero.

01-07-2011   Uploaded 6.0.12.

01-07-2011   Added more Action Cards.

01-06-2011   Fixed the skirt clothing item in the director. Fixed the problem with the rent label not being set to bold if you continue a previous game. Also fixed a problem with it not being set to normal if you sell a property.

01-06-2011   Fixed a problem which caused cards to be used even if the needed toy(s) are not available in the game's toy's list.

01-06-2011   Added more complete error trapping to the game module.

01-06-2011   Added EULA to installation.

01-05-2011   Added the ability to jump around within the Action Card(s) database quickly, just click on the data scroll bar at the top of the card window. This will take you to that relative position within the database.

01-05-2011   Added OS information to the error report. Fixed issue with Quick Start M-M having the sex of player 2 set to female.

01-04-2011   Uploaded 6.0.11.

01-04-2011   Added detailed error trapping to the Game Module.

01-04-2011   Fixed a few problems with the XXX Director, the 'All Players must be naked' caused the director to not be used. Also the used bits were off by one player.

01-03-2011   Added context sensitive help to the game board.

01-02-2011   Fixed problem with the Start Game pane reporting Kinky level for the players one level lower than it actually is.

01-02-2011   Added more context sensitive help. Finished it in the Setup module.

01-01-2011   Had the Renter and Owner buttons reversed on the Rent Pay editor in the game module.

01-01-2011   Added  a card ID label to each of the card editors.

01-01-2011   Uploaded 6.0.10.

01-01-2011   Added conditional checks for Male/Female tags in the Grab Bag card editor. Improper tags can cause a hang-up during game play.

01-01-2011   Fixed a problem with a corrupted Director's List MDB file...it was causing the director to not allow for any changes. Also fixed an issue with restarting the game while a update check is being preformed triggering a 'Request still Pending' error.

01-01-2011   Fixed a problem with action card text lengths greater than 255 characters. The limit will have to be 254 for now.

12-31-09    Uploaded 6.0.9.

12-31-09    Added new Action Cards.

12-31-09    Uploaded 6.0.8.

12-31-09    Added new Action Cards.

12-30-09    Uploaded 6.0.7.

12-30-09    Fixed a problem that cause the card used bit not to be set for Rent Pay.

12-30-09    Uploaded 6.0.6.

12-30-09    Fixed a problem that can cause a hang-up when the Grab Bag launches.

12-30-09    Fixed problem with timer values greater than 120 seconds.

12-30-09    Fixed a problem with the database that was causing a 'Input Past End of File' error with some users.

12-30-09    Fixed a problem with the orientation check for the Rent card set in the Action Card Editor.

12-30-09    Added cards to the Rent pay database.

12-30-09    Fixed a problem which would cause changes made to an action card during game play to not be changed.

12-29-09    Fixed problem with Interactions being launched even when they are OFF (not DISABLED).

12-29-09    Uploaded 6.0.5 The installation software is now registered though you may get one last unregistered message from the uninstall routine for 6.0.4.

12-27-09    Director's Frequency was not working properly, fixed it.

12-27-09    Added  more checks to the Start Game pane.

12-27-09    Added  more cards to the Action Card Databases.

12-27-09    Added check for condoms if any player has safe sex option selected.

12-26-09    Uploaded 6.0.4.

12-26-09    Implemented the Hints at startup windows. Added more Action Cards.

12-25-09    Added more Action Cards and added checks for Proper Player Orientation.

12-25-09    Sped up the initialization of the Action Card sets considerably.

12-25-09    Delayed the Automatic Check for Upgrades to allow for an immediate load of a saved game when you start. The check was causing a delay in loading a saved game

12-24-09    Finished the Card Editor Help files.

12-24-09    Hovering over a given player's ownership light on the game board did not display the correct player's name in the tool tip text.

12-24-09    Standardized the help and web files to HTML, replaced all the HTM extensions.

12-23-09    Uploaded 6.0.3.

12-23-09    Added OTHER SOUNDS check box to game module.

12-23-09    Corrected various spelling errors and added to the help files.

12-23-09    Spell checked Action Card sets.

12-22-09    Added a check to the Director's Wizard to ensure there are actually files in the current files box.

12-21-09    Extended the expiration date for the beta into January.

12-20-09    Adding 'Other Sounds' to game. Working on the Action Card databases.

12-20-09    Game module is not correctly reporting the game version on the Splash Screen.

12-19-09    Uploaded 6.0.2.

12-17-09    Due to an illness I was OOC for a bit but new updates and action cards will be coming this weekend.

12-05-09    Fixed Object Required error when minimizing the Action Card Editor.

12-04-09    Added API calls to allow the game board to be moved during play by dragging and dropping it anywhere in the available space.

12-03-09    Added more custom graphics for the players game piece.

12-03-09    Added a feature to allow the user to enter their serial ID for storage if the unlock using a LIC file.

12-03-09    Released 6.0.1.

12-02-09    Replaces the heels clothing option with skirt. Database is at max number of fields so it could not be added. Added cards to the Grab Bag database. Fixed a problem with the LOTO amount.

12-02-09    Error Trapping is mostly in place, most errors should now be trapped by the game.

12-02-09    Put in dialogs prompting the user to run the game as administrator when first running the game under Vista and 7.

12-01-09    Finished the Male-Female Quick Start Presets.

12-01-09    There seems to be a problem when the LAUNCH APPLICATION check box is selected in the setup software, I have disabled it for now. The game should recover if you start it from the START menu or from the desktop icon (if installed).

12-01-09    Released 6.0.0.



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